Angry Signs Assign Blame After Mudslide

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Nearly a week after flash flooding buried roads and drainage ditches in mud and debris, many minden residents are still cleaning up. Meanwhile, a debate over the cause of the flooding has become heated as some east valley road residents take to posting signs to express their views. The first claims off road vehicles are to blame for much of the damage caused by runoff. The second sign claims the are is a flood plain, and the damage should have been expected.

Neighbor Daniel Fitch says the same thing happened in 2008. He remembers seeing floodwaters two to three feet deep in a wash behind his home, which was built above the level of the flood plain.

Mark Garic, is one of the residents who feels off road vehicles are damaging BLM land and causing increased erosion. He plans to talk to the agency next week about the problem.
Meanwhile, County crews and residents in the affected areas are cleaning up as quickly as they can to make sure the runoff has somewhere to go before the next storm hits.