Fernley Victim Angie Duff Remembered

“You don't expect it to be someone you know, it just , I mean, I still don't believe it, it just, you know this really didn't happen,” says Charlene Arnold.

Arnold spoke to us at a park in Fernley early Friday Morning.

With her a picture of her friend Angie Duff by her side, she says they met at the local Senior Center about half a dozen years ago.

“Friendly welcome, just never say anything bad about anyone. A kind of person you want in your community,” says Charlene.

Charlene says she and Angie and a handful of other women volunteered at the thrift shop at the senior center.

She says once a month the group would get together for birthdays and other celebrations--that's where the picture was taken.

Many of those friends are too shaken to talk about Angie, Charlene says she felt it was important for everyone to know what a good person Angie Duff was---and so unimaginable that the man suspected of killing her lived only three doors down.

That's why she decided to talk to us

“I just don't want to live in fear,” Charlene said.

At Angie's home on Tamsen, sympathy flowers have been placed in the driveway.

Charlene says the same is being done in front of the senior center's thrift shop.

She says soon she and her girlfriends will meet for a potluck to honor the woman who won't be there to enjoy it with them.

Angie Duff was so conscientious about her volunteer work at the senior center, it was the center which notified authorities Monday that she hadn't shown up for work and something was definitely wrong.