An 'Unhostile Takeover' of Süp to Feed the Homeless

RENO, Nev. A perfect pairing of soups and sandwiches, two of the area's most popular restaurants teaming up Saturday to raise money for St. Vincent's Dining Room.

The event deemed the 'Unhostile Takeover' paired Gourmelt Food Truck and Süp together in a match made in heaven, and the line out the door of Süp in Midtown proved it.

"You know grilled cheese and soup go so well together," Jessie Watmas, co-owner of Gourmelt Food Truck said. "So if we could pair our sandwiches with their soups, and why not make it for a good cause."

The two restaurants teaming up to fight hunger. A portion of the proceeds were donated to St. Vincent's, a soup kitchen which serves
meals six days a week to the homeless and needy in our community.

Fans of both restaurants came out in full force to support the cause.

"You know both the Gourmelt girls and Süp are involved in the community, and I think that motivates us and everybody else to do the same," Justin Hartman said.

"You know, we're so blessed to have roofs over our heads, and enough to eat," Nina Sawyer said. "That's not the case for everybody in the community. So anything we can do to help a little bit is a good thing."

A small step, working towards something greater.

"Oh I'm sure there's more we can do," Kasey Chistensen, owner of Süp said. "Sometimes there's so much to be done that we don't do anything. I think taking that one step at a time, one thing at a time."

"Reno is great about helping, but I think that an event like this with so many fans of Süp and Gourmelt, maybe those who didn't know much about St. Vincent's, you know it will inspire them to give back and help," Kimberly Hartman said.

The event was such a success, both Süp and Gourmelt said they'll probably host another fundraiser in the future.