Alzheimer's Bills Go Before Legislators

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CARSON CITY, NV - The Alzheimer's Association was lobbying legislators Tuesday, as several bills related to the disease were considered at hearings.

Jerry Purdy said he was diagnosed with a mild cognitive impairment several years ago.

"They have a standard memory test... and I come up short all the time on remembering five common words," Jerry Purdy of Reno said.

Among the proposals the legislature is considering: creating an Alzheimer's task force, providing support for those with the disease under 60, and removing the mandate nurse practitioners must work under a doctor's supervision.

"(It's) not a burden, but it's a huge responsibility, because everyday you're not only thinking for yourself you're thinking for the person you are taking care of," Marge Purdy, Jerry's wife, said.

The Alzheimer's Association said it estimates 29-thousand in Nevada have the disease.