All-Star Game Boosting Business

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RENO, Nev.--When the minor league baseball All-Stars came to town this week, they brought with them fans, coaches and sports analysts from across the nation. All of them are visiting local businesses.

"It's the All-Star game, AAA, I think that's pretty big, there are a lot of baseball fans out there," said Robert Wilcox, manager at Silver Peak Brewery in downtown Reno.

Wilcox says it's been busier than normal, and the clientele hasn't been the normal crowd.

"A lot of new faces, a lot of people I have met from California, for just the surrounding states, Oregon," said Wilcox.

Down the street, Silver Peak's sister restaurant, the Slice, sits right across the street from Aces Ballpark.

"Usually during Aces games we get a lot of regulars; this week we are getting a lot of people from out of town, coaches, people from MLB network, people that have not been here before," said Max McLaughlin, Manager of the Slice.

The Slice expects game night will be the busiest of the summer.

"They are going to be sold out over there, and a lot of people that have not been here before are going to try and get some cheap beer and cheap food before they go into the stadium," said McLaughlin.

But it's not just restaurants; hotels are booked up and shops like the Reno Envy store and Visitors Center are busy.

"You know they are coming to Reno so they want a keepsake; the nice thing is that we have Silver and Blue's line of Aces gear," says Scott Dunseath, owner of Reno Envy.

Business has also been booming at the Aces store. In the last three days, they have sold more gear than they did in their entire first season of operation.