After-Christmas Sales: Large Discounts, Small Crowds

RENO, Nev. - At the Summit Mall, stores are trying to lure shoppers in with after Christmas deals. Many stores offering anywhere from 15%-75% off.

But whether it be the winter weather or just the fact that many people had to return to work today, the crowds at the outdoor mall were thin- but some shoppers weren't complaining.

"It's really been nice so far," Rick Gimlin of Reno said. "We haven't ran into crowds, parking has been good so yeah can't complain."

Many of the shoppers today were returning items but some said even though they got everything they asked for, there was still room for more.

"Well you know sometimes you get clothes that don't quite fit, so we brought some clothes back," Gimlin said. "But then we had to buy a few other things."

"I got some Visa and some J Crew gift cards," Hossana Fuller said. "So I try to use those up when they have the best deals going on."

Fuller lives in New York but is visiting her grandparents in Reno.

With so many stores offering discounts, what is the one thing that will get people to spend money?

"Definitely 50% off gets me in the door," Fuller said.

Her sister was a easier to persuade.

"Pretty much anything," Sophie Fuller said. "I'm not hard to get in the door, but you know definitely the sale items. You know buy one get one free or 50 % off."

The discounts help more than shoppers. It also helps the little stores at the mall like Luva Bella Wine Gallery.

"We don't offer a lot of after holiday sales," Debby Bullentini, owner of the wine shop said. "But what we do have is a lot of people who come to the Summit for the extra sales after the holidays. They'll come in here for a glass of wine maybe stock up for New Year's- a bottle or two of Champagne as well- that's what kinda helps us.

The general manager of the Summit says she expects the sales to last through the weekend.