Affordable Learn to Ski and Snowboard Weekend

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SQUAW VALLEY, Calif. -- If you've always wanted to learn how to ski or snowboard, you'll have chance this weekend Adan it won't break the bank.

The first time doing anything can be challenging, but it's always easier with a little help.

"What do I see when beginning skiers come out? Potential great joy or sorrow," Danny Sullivan, Squaw Valley Ski Resort ski instructor said.

Fresh powder and a push of encouragement are all you need for your first time down the slopes. If you've never skied before, don't worry, the Learn to Ski and Snowboard program is tailored to beginners.

The program kicks off Saturday, Dec. 8 and ends Sunday, Dec. 9 at either Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows resorts. The cost is $30 and includes an all-day beginner lift ticket, a group lesson and gear rental.

The first thing you'll need to do is get properly outfitted.

"Make sure you have a nice warm jacket, eye protection whether they're eye goggles or glasses, and a helmet is recommended," Sullivan said.

Then once you've mastered balancing, turning and stopping during your day-long lesson, the mountain is yours.

"If you're calm and the lesson is paced right, then it shouldn't be too demanding," Sullivan said.

For some, it feels like ice skating with 5-foot blades, but a first lesson wouldn't be complete without a couple of spills.

If you feel like your age is holding you back from learning, Sullivan says it's not even a factor.

"You're never too old. If you can still stand can still ski."