Aces Could Leave Reno If No Refinance Deal Made

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RENO, NV - Are the Reno Aces here to stay, or will they leave after next season? That's the question after a workshop Wednesday to go over a refinancing deal.

To review, a new agreement with Aces ownership was all settled by the previous Reno City Council. But there was a point of controversy: the city's intention to dip into general fund money to make up for tax increment revenue that evaporated with the recession.

That proposed agreement was brought back before the new council, consisting of four members who weren't around for the previous agreement, and they wanted to take their own look.

Wednesday, they got that look, along with a crowd of business people and the general public who were somewhat split on the issue. Some, even wearing Aces' regalia, argued for the positive impact the ballpark and the team had on downtown and the community at large.

Others, however, said that million or so of general fund money could be better used to address social issues. In fact, the new council members campaigned on the promise that the general fund won't be touched.

Hanging over the discussion is the threat that the Aces could pack up for another market, with the arrival of a letter from the Pacific Coast League, saying SK baseball has permission to move if no new agreement is made.

Mayor Bob Cashell says he thinks the council will have to make a decision very soon.