Abuse Prevention Program At Risk

RENO, NV - $5,000,000 is at stake as a child abuse prevention program is set to expire. Local law enforcement leaders on Tuesday urged Congress to continue its funding of a home visiting program they say not only helps prevent child abuse but reduces crime.

The program called the Nurse Family Partnership, where nurses go into high risk homes and teach parents about pre-natal care and childhood development, is on the chopping block.

The program also makes referrals for Head Start and providers who can give a child the best beginnings possible.

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, sounded the alarm.

Flanked by Washoe County's District Attorney, Reno Police and the Carson City Sheriff, the organization warned of the demise of Maternal, Infant, and Early Education home visiting programs and what it will mean to child abuse, crime and neglect.

District Attorney Dick Gammick says we know such crime, abuse and neglect is cyclical.

”The parents learn (clap) that that is the way you get a kid's attention. And that's the way they are corrected when they are growing up. And because that's the way they have learned, then when they raise their kids, ((clap)) the same thing,” said Gammick.

Funding for the Maternal, Infant, and Early Education Home Visiting Programs could end by September if Congress does not allocate money for it.

There are approximately 5500 child abuse and neglect victims in Nevada; that same research shows such children are more than 30% likely to be arrested for violent crime later in life.