Alpenglow Mountain Festival Underway

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TAHOE CITY, CA - The second summer edition of the Alpenglow Mountain Festival is underway. It's a nine-day celebration of human-powered sports sponsored by Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City.

"There's hiking, trail running, yoga, presentations, equipment demonstrations, a lot of fun for everybody," Alpenglow Sports Owner Brendan Madigan said. "We feel really strongly about sharing our favorite resources here in Tahoe with the community, whether it's locals or visitors. We have a passion for these sports."

The idea is to get more people out enjoying what the Lake Tahoe area has to offer in the summer months.

"It's designed to lower the barrier to entry so if someone has never done yoga, never gone trail running, it's a really safe and fun environment to do that for the first time."

The events are free and open to everyone.

"It's a big thing for us to give back to the community because this community gives so much to us," Michelle Burlitch of Alpenglow Sports said. "This is an amazing mountain environment, you can't beat it."

A lot of the staff members dedicate their time to making sure others have a safe, enjoyable experience.

"Leading group hikes during mountain fest is great," Guide Barrett Young said. "It's a good opportunity for people from all over the region to get together, explore places they've never been before and make new friends in the process."

Long-distance runner Victor Ballesteros says being a part of the festival is inspiring.

"I run 100-mile races, I've actually done the entire Tahoe Rim Trail, 176 miles, it took me 53 hours," Ballesteros said. "Being here is inspiring because it's all walks of life. People are always looking for a new challenge and when they accomplish something they thought they could never do five years ago, it's inspiring."

The Alpenglow Mountain Festival runs through June 29th.
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