'A View to a Cure': JDRFNN's Annual Gala Raises Money for Children

RENO, Nev. It was a night of elegance and mystery. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Northern Nevada hosted its annual gala fundraiser at the Reno Ballroom Saturday.

One out of every three children will develop some type of diabetes in their lifetime, and the JDRF used the gala to raise money to help find a cure.

Last year's event raised about half a million dollars for Type 1 diabetes research. This year with a sold out event, organizers are hoping to raise even more.

From bowties to martinis, the trademarks of the world's most stylish secret agent filled the Reno Ballroom.

Organizers say the James Bond theme helped sell out this year's event. All around the room, people dressed in tuxes and ball gowns, pushed past each other to get a look at the hundreds of silent auction items up for grabs.

JDRFNN pulled out all the stops this year. From shadow dancers to signature drinks. Guests could even bid on a puppy.

"It was the cutest dog you have ever seen!," Reno City Council Member Hillary Schieve said.

The puppy stole a lot of attention from guests, but the real stars of the evening were the children.

Type 1 diabetes affects thousands of families in Northern Nevada.

"We had maybe 5 newly diagnosed families last week," President of JDRFNN Maryann Zucker said.

Zucker knows first hand the struggles families with Type 1 diabetes go through. Two of her four children are living with the disease.

"It's hard because you hate to see your kids suffer with this every day," she said. "It's 24/7. It never goes away."

But with the help of generous guests, the money raised will help researchers look for a cure, and Zucker says there are some medical advancements to keep an eye on.

"There's an artificial pancreas," she said. "It's like an iPhone, and it measures your blood sugar and talks to the device and tells it how much insulin to inject. Until there's a cure, this lessens the burden."

The evening wrapped up with JDRFNN celebrating their Guests of Honor- the Carano family. Zucker said she's wanted to honor them for some time because of what they've done for the organization as well as the community.