A Smooth Trip Home for Thanksgiving Travelers

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SEATTLE Wash. & RENO, Nev. (AP) - Travelers heading home after the long Thanksgiving weekend had another reason to be thankful on Sunday: favorable weather and few airport delays reported on what is traditionally the busiest travel day of the year.

Sunday more than 12,000 travelers went through the Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Airport officials say they were ready for the crowds with extra staff at restaurants and shops, and more TSA officials at security.

There were a few delayed flights due to weather in the Bay Area, but for the most part it was a smooth travel day at the airport.

It's likely Monday morning will also be busy. Reno-Tahoe airport officials are asking travelers to make sure they have plenty of time if they're flying out tomorrow.

"On the Thanksgiving holiday season we tend to see some travelers who don't normally fly, from the very young to the elderly, so be ready for that," said Reno-Tahoe official Heidi Jared. "Pack your patience and just know it make take a little longer to get them ready for security but the airlines and the TSA are ready for that."

Reno-Tahoe airport officials say the average wait to get through security was ten to 15 minutes.

Travel was relatively smooth across the entire country, although there was little elbow room on packed buses, trains and airplanes.

Experts had predicted that travel this season would be up slightly from last year. According to AAA's yearly Thanksgiving travel analysis, some 43.6 million Americans were expected to journey 50 miles or more between Wednesday and Sunday, and more of them were driving while fewer were flying.