New Sparks Venue for Street Vibrations

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Sparks, NV - On this Thursday afternoon, Victorian Square is just about empty. In past years, Victorian Avenue would be shut down and full of vendors and motorcycles for Street Vibrations in Sparks. But now...

"They've moved it this year to the private parking lot of the Nugget, which is behind the freeway and a little bit out of the sight of this location," says Tom Young, owner and brewmaster at Great Basin Brewing Company which is in Victorian Square.

That's because of last year's deadly shootout inside the Nugget between rival motorcycle clubs. Because of that, organizers have put in place a "No Colors" rule and to enforce it, they had to move the event to private property. Thus, the new venue in the Nugget parking lot.

But that has led to less foot traffic in Victorian Square. Just ask Michael Turner, the only diner at the Blind Onion at lunchtime.

"That's part of the reason I'm eating down here, is because there is no flow of traffic down here," says Turner. "So I figured - they need some help."

Tom Young says he doesn't think bars and restaurants in Victorian Square will get as busy as in past years during Street Vibrations, but that's fine with him. He understands why organizers made the move and he stands behind it.

"At Great Basin, we're very happy that (street Vibrations) is still going on this year, considering the circumstances. We're in favor of all the new no colors rules and the new security and the new things that have taken place to make it safe this year," he says.

But over at the Nugget parking lot, some mixed reviews from visitors...

"Well, it's stuffed into a parking lot and it's not as spread out. It kind of looks like a swap meet. You know, we don't get the same feeling we had in the years past," says Kedward Haines, who is visiting from Salem, Oregon.

"You know what, I do understand (the move) because of what happened last year. But it does seem a little more, it's a little crammed in here, but it's cool. There's plenty of room to get around," says Jim Nix, a Sparks resident who also attends Street Vibrations every year.

Some people say the parking is better at the new location. This year, there is a free shuttle that will take people back and forth from the Reno and Sparks Street Vibrations locations.