A New Look for a Forgotten Apartment Complex

RENO, Nev. - A new look is coming for a forgotten apartment complex near Idlewild Park

Reno Housing Authority recieved a generous donation Wednesday from Wells Fargo to help renovate the Idlewild Townhouse Apartments.

The RHA purchased the property from an out of state bank in January and have since been replacing broken appliances, old plumbing and replacing soiled carpet.

Some unit even getting a full face lift.

"The more we inspected the more we found," David Morton, Executive Director for the RHA said. "We've got siding, electrical, plumbing issues, you name it.?

But thanks to a $50,000 donation from Wells Fargo, renovations will be moving faster.

"Once we're through, you won't know this from any other middle income complex," Morton said.

This is the first property in the Idlewild area the RHA has owned. They say they chose the area because it is good for families, with the park and a public pool nearby.

The RHA rents the renovated units to low income families. They are able to charge rent at or below the market rate.

For more information on low income housing visit http://renoha.org/