'Neat' Event Brings Housekeepers Downtown

RENO, Nev. Housekeepers took over Harrah's Reno plaza Wednesday morning, all eager to prove their worth and bring home the gold.

Housekeepers from 13 different hotels, casinos, and hospitals across Reno/Sparks competed against each other in the 2012 Housekeeping Olympics.

Though they normally go quietly about their work, today was a chance for them to let go, have fun, and relax.

"It shows our housekeeping staff that they're supported by the hotel industry because they're probably the most important ones in the hotel," Mark Lucas, the housekeeping training supervisor for the Grand Sierra Resort said.

The competitors challenged each other in four different events including a dry mop relay, upright vacuum race, a johnny mop ski ball toss, and a buffer pad ring toss.

Though winning the gold trophy was the goal, it was mainly about fun.

"I'm here to have fun I don't care if I win or lose," Jeff Allan from the Grand Sierra Resort said.

Other competitors agree.

"It's a unity that goes together," Roland Mendoza from Life Care Center of Reno said. "It's about teamwork. We're working together. Win or lose we're still together."

This year's winners are:

Upright Vacuum Race:
1st place- Harrah’s

Buffer Pad Ring Toss:
1st place- Grand Sierra Resort

Johnny Mop Ski Ball Toss:
1st place- Circus Circus

Dry Mop Relay:
1st place- Circus Circus

Overall Winner: Circus Circus