A Little Rain Precipitates A Lot of Sun

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"It's pretty sunny. It's nice. It's like perfect weather," said Brevan McClellan, a 12-year-old helping out at Andelin Family Farm in Spanish Springs.

But the weather wasn't that nice in the morning. In fact, the farm got hit with rain and that made the folks who run it pretty nervous.

"We have two big field trips today," said Natalie Andelin, of Andelin Family Farm. "So I was worried that the field trips would cancel or it would be muddy."

But then, when the skies started clearing up and the sun dried the ground.

"We were super excited," said Andelin.

And so were the kids and their teacher who weren't ready to call of their scheduled hay ride.

"Gorgeous! Not too hot, not too cold," said Heather Carpinella, a kindergarten teacher at Inspiration Station. "My kids brought their sweatshirts, but I think all of them have taken them off."

But the brief bit of rain was a reminder to parents that it's about that time to start pulling out the coats.

"Absolutely, but when you go and pull out the jackets for the children, they don't fit!" said Laura Farstead, a Reno mother who was shopping at Savers. She knows she'll have to buy new coats for her three-year-old daughter, Maycee.

Tahoe resorts are also reporting their first dusting of snow this morning.