A Handy Way to Support Your Team

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A lot of women in Reno are choosing to show their support for their favorite team and quarterback on their fingers. Nail salons say they've been getting plenty of requests from women for Niner-themed nail art ahead of this weekend's big game.


"I've never had this done before, but I decided let's go for it because it's such a special Super Bowl," says Lynn Atcheson, a Reno resident and longtime 49er fan. She's getting her fingernails painted with red and gold nail art to show her love for her favorite NFL team. She's seen the Niners play in a few championship games, but the one this weekend might be her favorite because of the quarterback.

"It's such a special Super bowl with Colin Kaepernick," says Atcheson. "Because he is our quarterback from the University of Nevada. I followed him there. And he's just such a great young man. I mean, he's a model for all young men. It's what we want to see all football players be."

Lynn is getting two of her fingers decked out with intricate designs. "I have an SF, the logo of the 49ers. And I have a little football on my ring fingers," she points out.

Not everyone is choosing to wear their hearts on their hands. Still, even on their toes, two colors are the most popular these days.

"Definitely, this week, we've had a lot of clients coming in. It's all about the red and the gold," says Marti Klingler, Soak Nail Spa salon director.

Over at Nails Deluxe in Sparks, they're also getting a lot of requests for Niner-themed nails. Some folks are choosing to get Kaepernick's Number 7 painted on their nails. One thing the owner says is not being requested: any Ravens designs.

Back at Soak Nail Spa in South Reno, Lynn Atcheson hasn't necessarily picked out what she will wear to her big party on Sunday, but if there's any question which team she's rooting for...

"I'll show them my nails, of course," says Atcheson.