Chilly Start to Street Vibrations Fall Rally

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RENO, NV - It was a chilly start to the annual Street Vibrations Fall Rally in downtown Reno Wednesday afternoon.

“I'm freezing, it's very cold,” Helen Hess of San Jose said.

Still, she and her husband Don bundled up to check out the sights and sounds along Virginia street.

“Our hotel is a few blocks from here and I heard the music so we'd thought we'd see what was happening,” Don Hess said.

Vendors weren't seeing the foot traffic they'd experienced in the past but were still doing some business.

“The turnout today is good for the weather,” Mario Balderas of Freedom Rides Trike Conversions said. “I didn't expect this many people. The weather is supposed to be turning so we expect a busy week. Plus, for the small amount of people that have been down here, we've had good exposure. There are a lot of people inquiring about our trikes.”

The weather was affecting some more than others. Bret Vaniderstine rode his bike down from Seattle.

“The weather is wonderful, I actually really enjoy it,” Vaniderstine said. “It's got me feeling like I'm at home. What we say in Seattle is if you can't ride in the rain you shouldn't ride a bike. It rains quite a bit there and I ride twelve months out of the year so you have to have fun.”

This is the 4th largest motorcycle event in the country. There are events and appearances scheduled in downtown Reno, at John Ascuaga's Nugget in Sparks, in downtown Carson City and in Virginia City.