A Celebration of Nevada Craft Brewers

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Reno, NV - At Great Basin Brewing Co., the brewers are racking their latest concoction. They're transferring beer out of wine barrels in preparation for this weekend.

As brewer Ryan Quinlan explains, this isn't just any beer.

"We took some sour beers and aged them on pinot noir wine barrels. It adds a lot of complexity and a lot of oak flavors," says Quinlan. "A lot of vanilla in it, a lot of tannins. Really rounds out a beer."

This unnamed brew is just one of several Great Basin Brewing Co. will be showcasing at the Nevada Craft Brewers Festival on Saturday. It takes place at Wingfield Park from 3pm until 7pm and it will bring together more than a dozen craft breweries from around the state, including Silver Peak.

"Fourteen years ago, we added a brewery and we've been making our beer ever since," says Trent Schmidt, one of the owners of Silver Peak.

His place may be one of the oldest craft breweries in Reno, but Schmidt says he's pretty excited about how the industry is expandin.

"If you look at the beer industry as a whole, beer sales are relatively flat, but the craft brewers are now making up almost 13-percent of the market, where people five years ago thought that would be unheard of," says Schmidt. "And it's growing at a pretty rapid rate, still."

"There's been an influx of new breweries and craft breweries in the state," says Quinlan, one of the brewers at Great Basin Brewing Co. "Just recently, a few have opened up in town here... a lot in Vegas and we have some all over the state. Elko, Ely, all throughout Nevada."

For the Brewer's Cabinet, a new bar that opened up in July in Downtown Reno, the festival is a chance for it to get its name out there and have people taste some of the beer its brewer has been creating.

"We've got the Hefeweizen and the Smoke Cezan that we'll be tasting down there at the event," says Chris Kahl, one of the owners of The Brewer's Cabinet.

"People should come out this Saturday, first of all to have a good time," says Quinlan. "Second, to taste some great craft beer. And third, to support craft breweries and support what we bring to the state."

Tickets are $25 when you buy in advance and $30 at the gate. Admission includes all the beer. Right now, you can purchase tickets at Great Basin Brewing Co., Silver Peak, and The Brewer's Cabinet.