Voters Meet Candidates

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Today, was the last chance for voters to meet many of the candidates before election day
Some voters even invited the candidates into their homes...while others held meet and greets at local parks.
A number of candidates showed up for the Stonewall Democrats gathering at Whitaker Park in Reno.
Voters say because of their busy schedules...they haven't had the time to sit down and talk about the issues with candidates.
They say labor day was the perfect day for that...because many of the issues in the upcoming election deal with wages and the American workforce.
Neighbors across the state gathered in homes to discuss where this country is heading over the next four years.
They displayed their support for particular candidates...but say taxes, health care, and making the country safer are all non-partisan issues.
Labor Day turned out to be a coordinated effort to get people out to vote.
Even the parade in Fallon had cars displaying support for certain candidates.
Everyone understands that Nevada is a battleground state, and every vote counts.
Voters agree these kind of grassroot events...will lead to higher numbers at the polls this year.
We'll just have to wait and see tomorrow...most precincts open at 7 in the morning.