Housekeeper Nabbed in Retirement Home hefts

Felony Theft
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A 49-year-old housekeeper at a local retirement home has been arrested on charges of stealing from its elderly residents.
Residents on the 2nd floor of the Sky Peaks Retirement Home began reporting apparent thefts from their rooms a few months ago.
Police say small amounts of cash were disappearing. No sign of forced entry and they couldn't figure out where the loss was coming.
Suspicion fell on 49 year old Darlene Hammonds, the housekeeper who worked to the 2nd floor. She was reassigned. Then a master key went missing.
Authorities say management caught her coming out of a room on the 2nd floor where she no longer had access and which she no longer had a key to.
Hammons apparently confessed when questioned by police. Donnelly says about $15 hundred dollars in small amounts was taken in the thefts, possibly to support a drug habit.