City Council Approves Reno AAA Baseball Park

The Reno City Council has approved plans to build a downtown stadium for a Triple-A minor league baseball team.

Groundbreaking near the Truckee River is scheduled to begin January first. Officials hope the stadium with a capacity of 10-thousand will be ready for the 2009 season.

The council voted five-to-nothing this afternoon to approve final agreements for the 42 (M) Million-dollar project.

It includes plans for a nearby entertainment zone with shopping, restaurants and bars just east of the downtown casino district and north of the river.

The agreements are with Herbert Simon, the nation's largest mall developer, and Jerry and Stuart Katzoff, who own a famous chain of
Italian restaurants on the East Coast.

The three men also control SK Baseball and Nevada Land LLCs, which purchased the Pacific Coast League's Tucson Sidewinders team last week for 15 (M) Million-dollars.

City councilman Dave Aiazzi had just two words to describe his excitement about the project: "Play Ball."