Cases Involving OJ Simpson's Lawyer

Cases involving O.J. Simpson since attorney Yale Galanter began
representing him in late 2000.
-ROAD RAGE: Simpson is acquitted in 2001 of auto burglary and
battery charges after a driver accused Simpson of reaching into his
vehicle, grabbing his eyeglasses and scratching him. Simpson had
faced up to 16 years in prison if convicted.
-BOAT SPEEDING: Simpson pays a $130 fine in 2002 for driving a
30-foot powerboat too fast through a zone intended to protect
endangered manatees.
-TV PIRATING: A federal judge orders Simpson in 2005 to pay
$25,000 to DirecTV Inc. for pirating satellite TV signals after
federal agents find illegal devices used to steal the signals at
Simpson's home. It's unclear whether that amount has been paid.
-DOMESTIC SPAT: Police are called to Simpson's home in July 2005
to investigate reports of an altercation between Simpson,
girlfriend Christie Prody and a neighbor. No charges are filed.
-RESTAURANT FRACAS: In Louisville, Ky., for the 2007 Kentucky
Derby, Simpson is booted out of a steakhouse by the owner, who says
the attention Simpson still attracts sickens him. Galanter
threatens legal action but decides against it.

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