Reno Warming Up To Street Vibrations

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For years, Street Vibrations has been bringing thousands of bikers and hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Biggest Little City. But many in Reno complained about the noise and the traffic. However, that cold reception may be warming.

"I like it," says Lindsey Pastrell. "I like hearing the's a fun noise"

The positive attitudes about this year's biker brethren extend from the downtown crowd to the vendors at Reno's Harley Davidson. And some say it's because the bikers attitudes are changing.

"The days of grungy bikers are gone," says Courtney Thomas, a vendor. "They're generous to every vendor and I've been here for two years."

Participants say "Street Vibrations" is more than just an opportunity to showcase their ride. They're saying residents are learning just how much tourist money lies beyond the thick chrome; leather jackets; and tattoos.

"It's good for the economy," says Bill Lewis, a biker. "And it's very good for the Reno area."