Reno Man Pleads Guilty To First-Degree Murder

A Reno man has pleaded guilty during his first-degree murder trial in which he was accused of binding the victim with a cat toy and her husband's pajama bottoms and stuffing a glove down her throat during a robbery.

Edward Rodriguez, 43, faces a life prison term and is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

He pleaded guilty Sept. 12 to the December killing of Pam Carter after prosecutors rested their case.

In his plea, Rodriguez admitted he helped his girlfriend bind Carter and put the glove in her throat. It's believed the glove was the lethal weapon.

Authorities have not charged his girlfriend, citing a lack of evidence, Deputy District Attorney Dianne Drinkwater said.

The motive behind Carter's slaying was robbery, as the unemployed woman had won nearly $20,000 gambling in the days before her death, Drinkwater said.

The victim's friends told police that she was worried Rodriguez's girlfriend would try to rob her because she owed the girlfriend money.

Drinkwater said Carter had spent most of her winnings, which odriguez many not have known.

Rodriguez's attorney, Kevin Van Ry, said prosecutors had a strong case against Rodriguez and believed the plea was in his best interest.

Drinkwater said Rodriguez's DNA was found on the pieces cut from the cat toy and the glove in her mouth. His DNA was not found anywhere else in the home.