Private Search Continues For Millionaire Adventurer Fossett

While the Civil Air Patrol has scaled back its search for Steve Fossett, more than a dozen privately funded planes and helicopters are flying out of hotel mogul Barron Hilton's ranch to look for the missing millionaire adventurer.

The aircraft from Hilton's Flying M Ranch, where Fossett had been staying, include some equipped with infrared and other high-tech search gear.

Searchers from the ranch are coordinating their efforts with military helicopters.

The National Guard has kept five helicopters on search duty.

Officials said they had no new leads.

The CAP, which had 20 planes and 60 searchers aloft over the weekend, suspended further flights on Monday and left two planes
and a small team on standby.

Fossett took off from the Flying M Ranch, 80 miles south of Reno, on the morning of Sept. 3 in a single-engine plane for what was supposed to be a short flight.