UNR Professor Murder Suspect Also Wanted in Canadian Murder

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Mohamed Kamalaudeen, known locally as "Rickey Barge," has an outstanding warrant with the Toronto Police Service for a stabbing death that took place in 1993.

They say barge is accused of convincing a male teenager to murder a 61-year old man. He's been wanted in Canada for 14 years.

Canadian Police say the minor was convicted and served time, but they never caught Barge. Now 14 years later, he's accused of killing Judy Calder in Reno...and Canadian Police say they still want justice to be served.

Barge was taken into custody in Mexico City, where he fled after Judy Calder's body was discovered. Washoe County prosecutors say now two countries want to try Barge for murder. This information is disturbing to some Reno residents who wonder how long the killer lived among us.

"I had no idea we lived so close to a guy who was capable of doing something like that. It's too bad the neighborhood is not informed, especially when we have children out here," said Travis Rawlings, who lives down the street from Barge.

Police didn't inform Barge's neighbors in Damonte Ranch, because they didn't know he was wanted for murder in Canada...until he went missing. Another neighbor, Gloria Worthington, says she felt uneasy, after she recognized the accused killer's face as one of her own neighbors.

"I was kind of following the story, then when I saw the address, I drove right to the house because I live down the street."

Residents in another part of town are also shocked by news of a second murder warrant. Police say Barge stabbed Calder to death inside his business, which used to be "Imaging Technologies," but has since been closed down. Becky Knapp works at a children's birthday party store just feet from where the Calder murder took place.

"It's kind of weird to think a crazy man worked here, right next to where we have birthday parties and little children all the time," said Knapp.

While those who worked and lived near Rickey Barge say they are happy he's behind bars, they say won't rest easy until he's back home.

"I think he needs to be returned to the United States for the crime he did here," said Worthington.

DA's say the extradition process could take several months or longer. In order to get Barge back to the U.S., they have to provide Mexican Police with evidence to prove why they think Barge is guilty. They also have to promise Mexican officials, in writing, that Barge won't get the death penalty if he's convicted.

Washoe County Deputy DA, Dan Greco, says there is no official order for which country will take precedence. He did say he thought that because the U.S. government initiated the extradition process, he we could get custody of Barge first. After he is tried here, he may then have then have to face charges in Canada for the 1993 murder.