Seniors Get Ready for Election Day

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Every four years, political candidates are invited to Senior Fest in Reno.
This gives them a chance to help seniors with their election questions...and to make their pitch for votes.
Seniors are learning about the new voting machines and how much their vote counts.
With the Nevada primary only a week away, many seniors have their minds made up.
But, they sure appreciate the help.
This year's Senior fest drew several hundred people to the Parklane Mall today in Reno.
Greeting them at the door...a number of candidates for state, county, and city positions.
Seniors say this was their first meet and greet the people who soon could be shaping politics in our community.
They say their number one concerns nationally are with the war on terror, and the economy.
Seniors are also learning how to use the new electronic voting machines.
State workers were there to guide them through the process.
Since Nevada is a swing state this year...seniors want to have their voices heard.
They say the best way is to make every vote count in the primary and general elections.
The seniors we talked to say...the most important issues are national security, social security, and the economy.
They wish President Bush and John Kerry were spending more time talking about what matters ti them and less time bashing each other