Back To School Budget Woes

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Today is the first day of school for many students in Washoe County.
While kids are out enjoying the last day of summer, the hard work has already begun for many teachers.
We talked to Smithridge Elementary's principal who admits that teachers and staff also get a bit nervous for the first day of school.
With 767 students walking through the doors, you can see why!
Smithridge is the biggest traditional elementary school in the district. Many of the students, from kindergarten through 6th grade, are from low-income families and do not speak English as their first language--providing many challenges for the staff of close to 100 people.
Principal ShirleyWood says another major challenge for her school is the ever-tightening budget.
Also, more school buses are going to be on the road beginning today, people need to remember to be safe.
It's a good time to remind people that the speed limit in school zones is 15 mph. Police will be out there, enforcing the law and making sure kids stay safe.