Seven-Time Convicted Felon Arrested

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Police characterize Sanders as " The worst of the worst" when it comes to repeat offender criminals. He has seven felony convictions under his belt...the most recent arrest, could put that tally at nine.

"He was released in prison in 1999. Prior to that, he had seven different felony convictions, ranging from armed robbery to burglary to possession of narcotics," said Lieutenant Bob McDonald of the Reno Police Department.

Police say Sanders was also charged with escaping from prison, only to commit more crime. His track record got him on Nevada's Repeat Offender Program List, a place for criminals who are most likely to re offend.

"To target the 20% of people who commit 80% of crimes. They are tasked with keeping an eye on these people when they get out of prison."

That's how detectives got Sanders back in Jail. During a police surveillance of the suspect, they witnessed him attempting to burglarize this North Reno home. Police say they knew the suspects habits...he usually targeted houses where no one was home, and nothing would stop him from getting in.

Police eventually caught up with Sanders at this convenience store in Sparks, where he was arrested and taken to jail. Once behind bars, a voluntary DNA sample from Sanders linked him to two more crimes.

His sample matched up with evidence from a pair of related, but unsolved burglaries from 2004 and 2006...meaning Sanders now has two more suspected felony charges to face.

"It's satisfaction, that you're able to get somebody off the streets that may be a harm to society or cause further infliction on individuals," said Jeffrey Riolo, Senior Criminalist at the Washoe County Crime Lab.

Police say, Sanders' track record speaks for itself...and even if he's convicted, serves time in prison, and then is released...most likely, he will re offend again.

"He's a career criminal. That's what he does. When he's not in prison, he's out committing crimes," added McDonald.

Police are very proud of this arrest. Not only did it get Sanders back off the streets, but it also helped them solve two burglaries they previously had no leads to.

They say it's a great example of how DNA evidence can help solve crimes that otherwise may always remain a mystery.