Millions in Marijuana Seized

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A multi-agency drug raid this week seized 454 marijuana plants. The pot was growing on state land outside of Carson City.
Officers have arrested one man, but continue to pursue others they believe are involved in a large drug trafficking ring.
At the beginning of August, a hiker tipped off to police that he had seen some marijuana plants growing on the hills.
The tri-net Narcotics Task Force began surveilling the land...and to their surprise, found a complex garden system.
They say without that public tip, those plants would still be there.
The marijuana plants were found growing in a lush canyon in the Mound House area east of Carson City.
Because of its remote and difficult to access location, sheriff helicopters were used to remove the grow.
A water plant at the top of the canyon supplied the multiple marijuana gardens a year-round flow of water...that, combined with good sunlight made the conditions optimum for growing.
Detective Pier says because of the high quality, the 454 plants of pot have an estimated street value of anywhere from a half million dollars to 2.3 million.
Mexican national, Antonio Nava was arrested for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell.
He was seen numerous times tending to the plants, occasionally with a rifle.
He could face 3-10 year felony sentence.
This week's bust was a joint operation between the Tri-Net Narcotics Task Force, Douglas, Storey and Washoe Counties, Carson City and the Nevada National Guard.