Warrant Resolution

These are the files of all the outstanding warrants for Reno Municipal and Justice court. According to the manager here, there are nearly 30-thousand of them waiting to be served.

But for this month only, the courts are offering a Warrant Resolution Program which may take some of these files out of the cabinet and into the trash can.

Joel Harley with the /Reno Marshal Unit talked to us about the program.

"It allows people to take care of their court ordered obligations of programs without having to incur any other fines or penalties. Or having me come out and get you."

Harley says the resolution program applies to warrants coming out of Reno and Sparks Municipal and Justice Courts. If you have a traffic ticket or a moving or other misdemeanor violation, and never resolved the issued by appearing in court a warrant from one of those courts may have been issued for your arrest.

Marshals like Harley can appear at your home or you could be stopped by a traffic officer and end up in jail.

" You would have to post bail or sit in jail over night. And a judge would see you at a video arraignment or sometimes you will be released on your own recognizance which is promise to appear similar to a citation."

Instead of waiting by passively hoping your warrant won't make it to you, the resolution program asks that you contact reno or sparks justice or municipal courts. You will be required to appear in person and you may have to go before a judge. On the plus side, no arrests will be made on eligible warrants, a warrant fee will be waived...there will be no additional court fees. And you may be able to re-establish a payment plan.