Target Shooters Targeted

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Local, state and federal fire officials may
take aim at target shooters for the first time after a man with a
rifle admitted he started a wildfire that destroyed six houses
south of Reno.
Officials say gun enthusiasts who have been free to target
practice in Nevada could be restricted to designated sites because
of the intense fire danger created by drought and heat.
Reno Fire Marshal Larry Farr says fires started by target
shooting are not all that uncommon, in a drought.
Nevada State Forester Pete Anderson says target shooting is
among outdoor activities that will be discussed when officials
consider a new round of fire restrictions for this gun-friendly
He notes that the fire danger is so extreme that backpackers now
are forbidden to use cookstoves in California's Tahoe National
Forest near Lake Tahoe. He says that's the first such ban he's
aware of.