Take Action - Stop Running Scared

Reno Municipal Court, Reno Justice Court, Sparks Justice Court and Sparks Municipal Court are all offering a number of alternavtives to help resolve outstanding warrants during the month of September.

Area courts are interested in helping citizens and closing many cases as possible through the Warrant Resolution Program.

During the entire month of September, area courts are offering a number of alternatives to help individuals get back on track.

Waiving warrant fees, avoiding arrests, clearing DMV recors, and re-establishing payment plans are just some of the options that are available.

Since each case is different, teh courts are seeking citizens to contact the numbers listed below for more information.

-Reno Justice Court: 325-6504
-Reno Municipal Court: 326-5101
-Sparks Justice Court: 353-7666
-Sparks Municipal Court: 353-2288