More Homes Being Lost to Wildfires

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More homes have been lost to wildfire this year along the Eastern Sierra Front than in the last 30 years combined.
Just this year alone..there have been 28 structures lost so far to wildfire.
A house on the point on the Geiger Grade had been a landmark for years..It had survived fire before..It didn't this time..The fire marched right up the slope and took it out quickly...It is a statistic along with the other 27 homes and structures that have been lost or damaged this year despite heroic efforts by firefighters..So why..Why this sudden change that now causes fire to gobble up structures like peanuts.
More and more people are moving into interface areas and unfortunately-In their quest to be part of nature-they find out too late that Mother nature can be the devil in disguise.
There is a thing called defensible space too..Many people learn too late it is their responsiblity to clear brush and cheet grass from around their homes..
Bob Sadler lost both of his barns and a lot of valuable tack.His home though was saved..He credits the fact that he made sure his home was cleared of brush and other flammable junk.
Another reason for the rash of house fires are the..beetles which killed thousands of trees like..During a fire they go up like roman candles and send firebrands through the air to create spot fires that are almost impossible to control.Fire managers say a policy of fire suppression over a hundred years is partly the blam and now they're paying the piper.