Andrew Fire Thursday Update

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Fickle weather that whipped a small wildfire
into an inferno that consumed six homes turned benign today,
helping a small army of firefighters beat back the flames.
Fire spokesman Franklin Pemberton says cooler temperatures and
higher humidity helped out overnight. He says it let crews contain
75 percent of the 27-hundred-acre blaze.
It was attacked initially by 555 firefighters and an aerial
assault from 14 tankers and seven helicopters that dumped
72-thousand gallons of fire retardant to protect buildings and stop
the flames.
The air attack was reduced to six air tankers and six
helicopters today.
Before the advancing flames could be slowed, Reno Fire Marshal
Larry Farr says at least 13 structures, including the homes and
seven outbuildings, had burned.
Farr says the fire was sparked by a man who was target shooting
when a bullet ricocheted off a rock. He said the man was in an area
where it was legal to shoot.