Nevada Gas Prices Below National Average

Nevada gas prices are a nickel cheaper than they were a month ago, the fourth consecutive month the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded has declined statewide, AAA Nevada said Tuesday.

The decline has resulted in a situation not often seen in the Silver State: Nevada's gas prices are cheaper than the national average.

Prices at the pumps nationally increased 4 cents from a month ago to an average of $2.81 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

Nevada's average now stands at $2.79.

While Nevada typically has some of the highest priced gas in the country, it's average now is tied for 28th with Florida and Missouri.

"Nevada has been somewhat insulated from refinery problems across the rest of the country where prices have increased over the past month," AAA Nevada spokesman Michael Geeser said.

"There's a real disparity between states with refinery issues and those where supply seems to be adequate," he said.

The Upper Midwest and Great Plains especially have been hit hard by increases.

That's where most of the eight states with prices above $3 per gallon are located, Geeser said.

Thirteen states report prices averaging less than $2.70.

"Nevada falls between those benchmarks," he said.

Elko has seen the biggest drop in gas prices statewide.

The average of $2.90 is a full 12 cents cheaper than it was in mid-August.

Average prices across the state are:

- Las Vegas, $2.71, down 5 cents from a month ago
- North Las Vegas, $2.70, down 6 cents
- Henderson, $2.72, down 6 cents
- Reno, $2.85, up 2 cents
- Carson City, $2.78, up 2 cents
- Sparks, $2.83, up 1 cent