'Liberty Belle' Ready To Visitors

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After a long couple of days the beautiful B-17, "Liberty Belle" and it's crew are ready to take visitors as of Thursday morning at 9.30.

B-17 Crew-member, James Noseworthy, commented, "After a lot of hassel with paperwork that was arranged months ago we are now ready to take visitors up in the "Liberty Belle."

It was great news for the crew who rely on public support to keep the B-17 operational.

The "Liberty Belle" has now moved across the Reno-Tahoe International Airport to Jet West.

The "Liberty Belle" has generated a huge interest since touching down in Reno on Monday morning and making several flights over the city, Monday afternoon.

Due to security reasons visitors where turned away when they arrived Tuesday at the Mercury Aviation departure lounge, at 655 South Rock Blvd.

"Liberty Belle" Chief Pilot, Ray Fowler said that anyone who would like any further information is welcome to call the, Liberty Foundation on: 918-340-243.

The 'Belle', a B17 Flying Fortress took to the skies of Reno on Monday.

The Liberty Foundation's B-17 "Liberty Belle" is one of only 14 B-17's that still fly today.

"Liberty Belle" was built toward the end of the war, and was sold for scrap in 1947 to a mining company, in short order it was sold again to Pratt & Whitney to test new turbo prop engines.

After a long and interesting post war history, Don Brooks of the Liberty Foundation bought the B-17 to restore.

Brooks decided to paint the original colors of the "Liberty Belle" to honour his father who flew as a tail gunner on the B-17.

Following a fourteen year restoration the "Belle" finally took to the skies again after 38 years on December 8th 2004.

The "Liberty Belle" really does provide visitors an amazing opportunity to step back in time and obtain a first hand experience of the conditions that the young men, not much older than 20, hand to contend with.

From the sound of the engines to the smells and the cramped confines, this is truely an experience you will never forget.

Chief Pilot, Ray Fowler, said, "Apart from take and landing, visitors are free to roam around the plane and experience each crew position, it's truely amazing."

"It used to be that you would go to a muesem to see this, but we are now able to bring it here to you."

The "Liberty Belle" will be here in Reno for the week and visitors are invited to view the plane.

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