Reno Shooting Apparently Self Defense

A Reno resident killed an intruder. He was shot twice in a struggle over a gun, but that his injuries are not considered life-threatening,
investigators said. He is being treated at RenownMedical Center.

The person killed was a 43-year-old Reno man but no names have
been released.

The resident of the southside Reno home at 400 Brittany Avenue near Redfield Parkway came home about 2 p.m. find the intruder in his house.

The two men struggled over a gun after the burglar pointed it at the head of the other man, who turned his head as the gun discharged. The resident then jumped to his feet and struggled with the gunman and was shot twice in the upper body before he wrestled the weapon away and shot and killed the burglar.

The case remained under investigation.