NadaDada Motel Project

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More than half a dozen motels along Arlington Avenue in downtown Reno are opening their doors to artists, as part of the 4th Annual NadaDada Motel Project. About 100 artists rented motel rooms for the weekend and set up their own art galleries, without rules and restrictions.

Some were playful.

"I have recreated what I think it would be like if Reno had a part of town where old robots go to die," local artist “Killbuck” said.

Some were political.

"This is an installation about the Gulf of Mexico that I did in my room," Paula Povilaitis said.

But they are all personal. The NadaDada Motel Project was formed four years ago, after local artists felt they were being brushed aside by the Artown community.

"A group of artists were frustrated that Artown had an emphasis on bringing in outside artists,” Povilaitis said. “We're local. So the locals said "let’s do our own show."”

And it helps paint the picture of breaking conformity with creativity, giving other communities a snapshot of the artistic talent Reno has to offer.

"This is a unique project,” Killbuck said. “It started in Reno and is spreading to other cities around the country and it's a way that many of us artists get to show our work, show people what we do without having to resort to the traditional gallery type of system."

"When you're an artist and you don't have a gallery,” Povilaitis explained, “it's so fun to be around other artists. The energy to be with a group of artists doing this is the fun part."