Energy Department Won't Join Yucca Challenge

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The Energy Department won't join a nuclear power industry lobbying group challenge of a federal court decision slowing plans for burying the nation's most radioactive waste in Nevada.
A D-O-E spokesman says the thinking is it's best not to engage
in more lawsuits over the Yucca Mountain project.
The Washington, D-C -based Nuclear Energy Institute met
yesterday's midnight deadline to ask the U-S Court of Appeals for
the District of Columbia Circuit to reconsider a July ninth ruling.
The court upheld most elements of the Yucca plan, but threw out
a 10-thousand-year radiation safety standard.
Nevada's top anti-Yucca official says he doubts the appeal will
go anywhere.
But the E-P-A could still reshape the radiation standard for the
Yucca site.
Congress might also rewrite the law to make the court ruling