Gibbons' Travel Budget Double Guinn's

Nevada taxpayers are going to shell out more than they are used to this year for the governor's travel bill.

Governor Jim Gibbons asked the Legislature earlier this year for $25,000 to cover his out-of-state travel.

That's more than double the $10,500 past-Governor Kenny Guinn spent his last year in office.

Now it turns out Gibbons forgot to request the $37,000 he says he needs for security on those out-of-state trips.

An interim legislative panel approved the extra money yesterday (Thursday) but not without some complaints from Democrats that it's
three times as much as Guinn spent on his traveling security.

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley of Las Vegas says she doesn't
understand why Gibbons needs two highway patrol troopers instead of
the one that accompanied past governors.

Gibbons' legal counsel, Josh Hicks, says Gibbons is "more proactive" about traveling than Guinn.

So far the Republican Gibbons has traveled to Mexico City, Phoenix and the California border to focus attention on immigration issues.

Later this year he plans trips to Hawaii and Dana Point, California for conferences sponsored by the Republican Governors Association.

He's also going to Washington twice as part of his duties as co-chairman of the governor's association's Homeland Security Committee.