Man Says He Witnessed Calder Murder

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Court documents allege that convicted felon Carlos Filomeno watched Ricky barge stab Calder to death on August 18th, and then helped him dispose of her body.

Sheriff's Deputies say Carlos Filomeno is in the United States illegally. He was taken in for two probation violations and is being held while law enforcement investigates his immigration status. Police say he is not yet being considered an accomplice to murder.

In an affidavit in support of a warrant out for suspected murderer Ricky Barge, Filomeno disclosed an eye-witness account of Judy Calder's murder.

The court papers show Filomeno as hired "help" at Imaging Technologies, the business where Judy was killed. Filomeno told police that on August 17th, Rickey Barge said he was going to kill Judy Calder over money Barge owed to her.

He says Barge then took Filomeno to Walmart to purchase three sweat suits and a knife. The documents show the sequence of events as follows: Rickey Barge gave Judy Calder a complimentary hotel room at the Sparks Nugget on August 17th, along with $1,000 in gaming chips to use during her stay.

On the morning of August 18th, Judy Calder arrived at Imaging Technologies alone. Filomeno says Barge stabbed Calder twice in the chest with a knife. At Barge's request, he then assisted him with the disposal of Calder's body.

Police were able to confirm some of Filomeno's story using forensics and surveillance cameras, but when they interviewed Barge, he had a different time line.

Police also spoke with Barge's wife, Maharul Ayube, who goes by "Rose," at the couple's home in Damonte Ranch. She revealed Barge's true name to be "Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeen," one of his many aliases.

"Which one of those is his real identity? Only time will tell," said Commander Steve Asher of Sparks Police Department.

When detectives attempted to contact the suspect again, they learned he had fled the state.

Police have an arrest warrant for Rickey Barge for a single count of murder using a deadly weapon. Sparks detectives say he is still at large.

The court documents mention some contact with him, as recently as Tuesday, but police have yet to take him into custody.

Police still aren't answering any questions regarding motive, but the court documents show Filomeno as being cooperative in their investigation of him.

In one statement, he mentioned being scared of Barge, saying he thought Barge might hurt him if he didn't help dispose of Judy's body.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and that locating Ricky Barge is crucial to finding out what really happened the day Judy was murdered.