Three Aliases Tied to Judy Calder's Suspected Killer

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Past names include: "Omar Burak" and "Mohamed Kalam Kamalaudeem." Detectives won't talk about the man's criminal record, his marital status...or why he'd want to kill Judy Calder.

They will only say Barge was a "business associate" of the professor, and that she was killed in broad daylight, at the suspect's office supply shop in East Reno.

When Calder went missing on August 18th, many thought she was abducted from the UNR campus. Her car was found the next day, abandoned on Evans Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets.

Police are now saying Judy intentionally met her suspected killer at Imaging Technologies...but they won't why say why her car was downtown. Judy Calder was staying at the Nugget in Sparks the weekend she died, but police won't comment on whether or not she was there alone.

In an interview last week, Judy's husband, Jim Calder, told us it was not uncommon for Judy to stay in Reno, even though the couple made their home in Incline Village. He says she often chose to unwind at one of the local casinos, rather than making the long drive home.

Commander Steve Asher from the Sparks Police Department says police are not releasing additional information while they continue the investigation.