Legends Update

Steve Schussler made a grand entrance today at the Legends at Sparks Marina on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle.

The creator of the Rainforest Cafe says his Hot Dog Hall of Fame, and America's Roadhouse--Bikers, Blues and Barbecues are ideas that have never been done before--the legends at sparks marina will be the first attempt.

"This is a place for the family."

Schussler's restaurants were two of 13 new additions to the Legends at Sparks Marina. The corner stone of retail side of the complex is Scheels. The two-hundred=48-thousand square foot complex has the world's largest selection of sporting goods. Now adidas, B-C-B-G, Harry and David, and Forever 21 have committed to being here next year as well.

Just down the way at the Sparks Marina Terresa Puryear and Darryl Chapman enjoy their lunch. Asked about the activity across the Marina they both agree you can't stop progress. They have their own ideas about what they'd like to see.

Terresa Puryear says, " I would like to see more gift shops, and someplace where I can get something to drink like Starbucks."

Darryl Chapman says he doesn't want the area compromised. "So long as it stays low key, you know and it looks like it is going to, there's nothing wrong, you know progress is going to happen."

Developers believe more out-of-towners than locals will come to the Legends...a sixty-forty split. It may mean about 800-thousand visits a year. And for sparks city coffers that's really going to add up.

Sparks Mayor Gino Martini breaks down the numbers. "The tax base of over a billion dollars. Right now the city of Sparks assessed value is about two-point one two-point three billion. So this is going to make it about three point three three point five billion dollars in assessed valuation so its huge for us and the city of Sparks."