Fossett the record setter

Back in 19-96 Craig Breedlove attempted to set a land speed record on the Black Rock Desert. He was unsuccessful, but his "spirit of America" was later acquired by Steven Fossett.

According to the director of the land speed record project, modifications to the "spirit of America" are currently going on at a location in the greater Reno area.

Meantime here in Eureka County, Craig Breedlove talked to county commissioners in May explaining Fossett's plan to use the alkali flat here in Diamond Valley to break that land speed record.

Applications have been filed with the Bureau of Land Management there, public comment on the proposal is due on September 27th.

Records are nothing new to Fossett: After making his money in the industrial segment he invested money in aviation and record setting. He is known for setting five world records for circumnavigating the earth. He is a long distance solo balloonist, air pilot and sailor.

He has also swam the English Channel, placed 47th Iditarod Dogsled Race, Drove 24-hours of the Le Mans sports car race.