Arrest Warrant Out for Judy Calder's Suspected Killer

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Police say the name Ricky Barge may be just one of many aliases the suspect goes by, but details surrounding his other identities, are making it difficult for police to track him down.

When Sparks Police released Barge's photo, they called him a "family friend and business associate" of Professor Judy Calder and her husband, Jim.

Barge stands accused of killing Judy at his business, "Imaging Technologies," at 335 North Edison Street in East. This could be the tie between Barge and the Calder's. Reno's Better Business Bureau has Judy's husband listed as the owner...but when we looked up the license, it had a different name.

Maharul am Ayube was listed as the sole owner. The license also shows a change of address from 2001. Imaging Technologies used to be just blocks away, at 105 North Edison address also linked to Jim Calder. He owned an office machine services and supply company there until April of 2007...and the contact number for service, matched that of Barge's business.

"Judy's life here and her outside life, if there was a business connection, was not widely known. She was a pretty private person," said Stephan Wilson, Associate Dean of Judy Calder's department at UNR.

Wilson says he didn't know much about the suspect...however other employees say they'd seen Ricky Barge around on numerous occasions. The office manager says when the office needed some computer services, Judy recommended Ricky Barge. They say her death came as a shock.

"There was still a tiny ray of hope that she would be okay or alive," said Wilson.

Nevada's DMV office lists Maharul Am Ayube's address in Reno as 10860 Rushing Flume Drive in Damonte Ranch. Neighbors say they've seen detectives there recently, but no sign of Barge. Police say they think they may have a motive for the stabbing, but won't comment any further. Judy's colleagues, who decorated her office door with memories, add:

"Two things. One is certainly to provide closure in our lives on this event. To know this person is behind bars and held accountable. All of that is important, and I think it would be important to Judy," said Wilson.

Commander Asher with Sparks Police told KOLO 8 "There are only two people who really know what happened, and that's Judy and the man calling himself Ricky Barge."

Police say they have evidence that links him to the stabbing...and they hope the warrant will help them locate him more quickly.