2 Wind Turbines Installed Atop Reno City Hall

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RENO, Nev. (AP) - Two wind turbines have been installed atop Reno City Hall as part of the city's push to promote renewable energy.

At a rooftop ceremony Wednesday, Mayor Bob Cashell said Reno is the first U.S. city to place such turbines atop its city hall.

But a spokesman for the city of Boston today said a 1.9 kilowatt wind turbine has been atop its city hall since 2008.

A spokeswoman for the American Wind Energy Association says her
Washington, D.C.-based group does not track small wind turbine installations by site.

The city of Reno has placed two 1.5 kilowatt turbines on the roof of its 17-floor city hall and a third is planned.

In all, Reno officials plan to install nine wind turbines throughout the city.