Calder Family Searches for Motive

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As more details come out surrounding the murder of Judy Calder, the more friends and family members say the reason for her death remains a mystery. Those who knew her say they want one question answered: Why Judy?

Police believe a 50-year-old man, who may have been using the alias, "Ricky Barge" is responsible for stabbing Judy Calder to death at his business, Imaging Technologies, in East Reno. After Calder's body was discovered, police believe Barge may have fled the state.

They say they've been working with immigration officials and other federal agencies to help locate him. Police are only saying Barge was a family friend and business associate of the Calder's, but won't elaborate.

We asked Judy's husband, Jim Calder, about Barge. He says he knew him, but not well. Both Jim Calder and Ricky Barge owned office machine supply companies.

Judy's colleagues in the Health and Human Sciences Department at UNR, say they've seen Barge around their building on several occasions. Most recently, he sold a laser printer to their office and came by to service it, just a few weeks back. They say they aren't aware of any other relationship between Judy Calder and her suspected killer.

In an interview with Judy's husband last week, he told us the investigation over his wife's murder was complicated, making finding a motive difficult for police.

"Sparks PD, you know they are doing the best they can. They just have so much information to go through," said Calder.

While police continue to search for Ricky Barge, Judy's friends at UNR are mourning their loss. They've set up a portal on the UNR website where colleagues have posted notes and grievances about Calder. They say putting their thoughts into words is working as a form of therapy, while they deal with a horrible tragedy they never saw coming. You can post comments about Judy at:

Her colleagues also say they are working on planning a memorial service for Judy at the campus, as well as a scholarship fund set up in her name. They've also formed grief support groups to help people cope with the professor's death.

Police are not releasing much information about the suspect. They will only say he's a family acquaintance and that they are looking for him. They have declined to comment regarding any past criminal history involving Barge.