SLT Boy saves Dad

Ellen Booker says she saw her husband fall to the ground.

" I grabbed the phone, the first thing I did I grabbed the phone and I started screaming for Ben."

That was last Sunday morning out in the front yard. Ellen and her son 18-year old Ben ran out to see what was wrong.

" Well first I blew some air back into him and I could tell he was getting some air back, so it was working, and then pumping on his chest kept him going. And then he would shut down again and then I would do it again and again you know it was actually helping it was working." Said Ben

Ben says he's never done c-p-r, and vaguely remembers being instructed on it back in 9th grade...but he remained calm, his mom on the other hand says she was a wreck just standing by...

"Ben stayed calm, I didn't. He did, that was really good."

Ben says it seemed like a long time before firefighters got to the house, but in reality it was just minutes, he and his mom watched as they used a defibrillator to get Steve's heart going not once but twice on the front lawn.

Ben says there was no question what was happening.

"Dead, obviously he had flat lined, that's why they had to do it."

Today Steve is sitting up right, and ready to go home just one week after his son saved his life....
He says there will probably be some changes....the cigarettes have to go, he may have to slow down for awhile.
But what hasn't changed is his love for his son whom he now calls his hero.

" He did what God wanted him to do right then, he didn't ask a question or anything, he just did it, and that is pretty amazing to me."